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About In Bloom


The style and location of our Urban Flower Farm is just as unique as the flowers we grow. 

Tia Rojan


How did In Bloom come to be?

Hello!!! My name is Tia, I am the owner and operator of In Bloom. Like most small business owners, I’m the CEO, CFO, Head floral designer, farm planner, seed planter. I’m also the lead of weed management and bucket washing. 
Gardening and flowers have always been “my thing” ever since I was a wee little Tia. Flash forward many years, and a lot of life... I visited a local flower farm as walked through row after row of gorgeous flowers. I knew that I was meant to do this.


Where are you located?

Located in the Historic Garland Neighborhood of Spokane, we are walking distance from great coffee, pubs, shops and restaurants.  We are also a 5 minute drive from downtown. This makes floral parties, classes and U-Pick very convenient for our guests. 

How big is your Urban Flower Farm?

We are situated on three city lots and grow flowers on a large portion.  Micro as far as ‘farms’ go, but we utilize intensive growing techniques so our flower count is comparable to larger farms.  In flower talk….thats a LOT of flowers.  

What makes your flowers different from other florists?

I’m so glad you asked.
Our unique approach is the alignment of
style & sustainability.

  From “Seeds to Centerpiece” our blooms are our babies..  Using Earth friendly practices we believe that healthy soil makes happy flowers, and the bees are happy too!! Learn more about sustainability from this article.


In Bloom's design style is nature driven.  Mother nature knows best…So we happily follow her lead.  Flowers with character and scent. The way nature intended.  You will find unique blooms and foliage, as well as, classics like roses.  I would describe my design aesthetic as natural, romantic with a lot of movement.    

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