Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

This is a floral journey throughout the seasons. Mother Nature is our muse... so we follow her lead.  From the delightful emergence of Spring blossoms, to Summer’s colorful abundance, then Into Fall’s rich beauty. Here, like in nature you will find surprising elements such as berries, native foliage, herbs, and grasses that really make our unique bouquets shine!!!

Curious about a CSA? They help local farmers buy things like seeds, fertilizer, etc. in winter seasons. This allows us to start the year well and keep flowers in bloom all year long.

$15 per bouquet

These market style bouquets come wrapped in brown paper and are available for pick up at In Bloom or one of our pick up sites.  Head over to the store and purchase online.

$25 for a business delivery

Delivered Subscriptions are for businesses only this year. Please contact Tia directly to discuss delivery parameters and set up your subscription.  (509)230-7931



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