Sustainably grown, heirloom florals.


Whether it’s your wedding day or a nightly meal at the table, you want your flowers to speak to the occasion.
Bring heirloom beauty to your moments.


The Story

Like most 8 year olds I asked (begged) for a flowering tree on my birthday. Wait?!?  Nobody else did that?!?!  I should have clued in on this.. and started my flower career a little sooner.  But, life is funny that way and it took me 30 years to recognize this was my calling. Or, maybe I needed 30 years to hone my skills. I have always been obsessed with flowers. But the most exciting part for me about being a flower farmer/florist is YOU. The highlight of my day is sharing my knowledge and passion for heirloom local flowers.


326 W Glass

Spokane Wa 99205

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